The Future of Music Schools – today‘s challenges and tomorrow‘s solutions

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
06. + 07. Oktober 2017

Due to social changes music schools face big challenges, that have to be met by enhanced advocacy work for music education and creative approaches. These challenges include enabling inclusive access to music schools despite obstacles caused by socio-economic factors, questions of migration, gender issues, digitalization and – in German-speaking countries – the implementation of various forms of all-day schooling.

Music schools assume different positions within the educational and cultural structures of European countries and therefore are required to develop different strategies. The focus on diverse goals while preparing young people for music studies or contributing and shaping regional cultural life leads to varying approaches. This symposium aims to start a discussion between European experts, scholars and academics on the positioning, legal situations, environment, strategic aims, missions and impact of music schools in Europe and how they can meet these challenges.

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